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Litigation is the right of every citizen to apply to the judiciary regarding any event, dispute or legal issue. The party suing is called the “claimant” or “plaintiff”.


In society, debt collection processes are on the agenda for real or legal persons who do not pay their debts due to the fact that monetary receivables and receivables between people often lead to disputes.


Law is the basic element of social life. Globalization requires compliance with the rules of law in force in all activities, from individual law to the law of states.


Corporate consultancy and corporate legal consultancy an important legal role for the sustainability and efficiency of companies.


Family law, as the name suggests, is a branch of law that deals with the solution of legal problems faced by families.


Consumer law is a broad concept that includes laws, regulations and legal issues aimed at protecting the rights of consumers who are natural or legal persons.


Turkey has come to the position of receiving a lot of immigration from abroad in recent years.


Company law relates to commercial law. It includes norms on different subjects, from the establishment of corporations and company mergers, divisions to transfers, conversions to liquidations.


Criminal law is an area of public law. Criminal law, which deals with the concepts of “crime” and “punishment”.


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