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Turkey has come to the position of receiving a lot of immigration from abroad in recent years. Due to a large number of immigrants in Turkey, there are many problems in the field of immigration in Turkey, and lawyers are consulted for the solution to these problems.

ForeIgners’ law or ImmIgratIon In Turkey

Foreigners law or immigration law has an important place in the legal system, especially in countries that receive immigration, such as Turkey. Within the scope of foreigners law, there are differences between the rights and freedoms between foreigners and citizens of the aforementioned country. For this reason, necessary arrangements have been made in the relevant laws or legislation for foreigners who have obtained or wish to obtain citizenship, residence permit or work permit in Turkey. Foreigners who want to live in Turkey and immigrants who leave their country for various reasons and migrate to Turkey may have some legal demands. In this context, transactions such as work permits of foreigners, family residence permits, and applications for Turkish citizenship or investment are regulated in immigration law.

Alright, what is immigration law? What is foreign law? What do you need to know about foreigners law? What are the foreigners law services provided by CKAY Law Firm?

What Is ForeIgners Law?

Foreigners law is a branch of law that expresses the laws and legal issues that a country applies to foreigners. Foreigners law is based on reciprocity (mutualness). Accordingly, the legal procedures applied for foreigners may differ according to the foreigner’s country. The principles regarding foreigners in Turkey are regulated in the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458. The Law on Work Permits of Foreigners No. 4817 regulates the principles regarding the employment of foreigners in Turkey. In Land Registry Law No. 2644, there are principles regarding the procedures for foreigners to acquire real estate or real estate in Turkey. All kinds of procedures regarding the entry and exit of foreigners are carried out by the General Directorate of Migration Management of the Ministry of Interior. In general, all kinds of transactions such as work permits of foreigners, investments and marriages of foreigners fall under the field of foreigners’ law.

What Is ImmIgratIon Law?

An immigrant is a person who immigrates from his country of citizenship to settle in another country. Immigration is a situation that concerns at least two countries in the legal sense. Leaving the immigrant’s country is called “emigration” and settling in another country is called “internal immigration” (immigration). Immigration law, on the other hand, is the branch of law that deals with the principles of the legal situation of the immigrants or the community in the country they migrated to. Procedures such as the acquisition of a real estate by immigrants, obtaining Turkish citizenship, immigrant residence permit, and immigrant work permit fall within the scope of immigration law.

What Is CItIzenshIp Law IN Turkey?

Citizenship is a legal status acquired by birth or later. The limits of citizenship rights are determined by law. In response to questions such as how to acquire Turkish citizenship, there are citizenship laws and rules in order to obtain citizenship in Turkey, as in every country. Foreigners who want to acquire citizenship in Turkey, which has received immigration from many countries in recent years, have to comply with the principles and regulations of immigration law or foreigners’ law.

How to Get CItIzenshIp In Turkey?

In order to obtain citizenship in Turkey, some documents and conditions are required. Application for Turkish citizenship can be made to the provincial governor in the place of residence. It is necessary to apply in person to the embassy and consulates of the Republic of Turkey abroad. Foreigners who are over the age of 18 can apply for citizenship in Turkey if they meet the necessary conditions. Foreigners who want to obtain Turkish citizenship can get support from lawyers who are experts in their fields for Turkish citizenship procedures.

ForeIgners resIdIng In Turkey can obtaIn TurkIsh cItIzenshIp In varIous ways:

  • Marriage: In response to the question of how to get Turkish citizenship; Turkish citizenship can be obtained through marriage. Foreigners who have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years can apply for Turkish citizenship. Foreigners who do not have any legal problems can thus become Turkish citizens.
  • Investment: Foreigners who invest a certain amount in Turkey can acquire citizenship in Turkey. For example; Foreigners who buy an immovable property worth 400 thousand dollars or equivalent in foreign currency, on the condition that they do not sell it for three years, can obtain Turkish citizenship. The amount of investments to be made in Turkey is explained in the relevant laws.
  • Residence: Foreigners who have resided in Turkey for at least five years can apply for Turkish citizenship.

You can review our article titled “Citizenship acquisition in Turkey” on this subject.

Importance of Lawyer In CItIzenshIp LawsuIts In Turkey

Citizenship cases are a judicial remedy used by foreigners or immigrants. Issues of international law may also come to the fore in these cases. The citizenship request of the foreigner who filed the lawsuit is evaluated in detail in the case. At this point, the question of what is the importance of a lawyer in citizenship cases is frequently asked. Citizenship expert lawyers are needed at many points, from writing the petition to following the litigation process. Especially foreigners who do not know the legal processes of the country they are in should get support from lawyers who are experts in citizenship cases. Thus, there is a high probability that the process in the citizenship case will be concluded in a short time and positively. Because spelling or expression errors in the citizenship case petition may lead to a negative outcome of the case. For this reason, it is important to get professional legal support from lawyers in citizenship cases.

ThIngs to Know About ForeIgners and ImmIgratIon Law In Turkey

  • A foreign person is under the jurisdiction of his country of residence. However, foreigners are under the protection of the country of citizenship.
  • The Aliens Act provides certain rights to foreigners. If all or some of these rights are not granted, the foreigner may apply for “diplomatic protection” from the country of his citizenship.
  • There are different regulations in laws and legal norms regarding foreigners law and immigration law.
  • Immigrants are obliged to comply with the laws and legal rules, just like the citizens of the country they migrated to.
  • Foreigners whose applications for Turkish citizenship are rejected within the scope of foreigners law may apply to the judiciary.
  • Citizenship cases should be brought to the authorized administrative courts.
  • Foreigners who have a residence permit and work permit in Turkey do not have a visa requirement to enter Turkey.
  • Foreigners with a stateless personal identity card can enter Turkey without a visa.
  • Foreigners who are banned from entering Turkey for various reasons cannot enter the country even if they have a visa.
  • A foreigner who has been deported under the Law on Foreigners and International Protection may be deported to his home country or to another country.
  • A deportation decision may be made for foreigners who do not leave the country within 10 days after their residence permit application is rejected in Turkey.
  • Foreigners who have been given a deportation decision can appeal the deportation decision at the administrative court within 15 days, either in person, through a legal representative or a lawyer.
  • Work permit exemption gives foreigners the right to work permit and residence permit for the exemption period.

CKAY Law FIrm ForeIgners and ImmIgratIon Law ServIces In Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has been receiving a significant amount of immigration from different countries. Foreigners from many countries, especially China, Ukraine and Russia, start to reside in Turkey or obtain a residence permit due to reasons such as war. At this point, foreigners and immigration law come into play. As CKAY Law Firm, we provide legal consultancy services on foreigners law and immigration law with our expert and well-equipped lawyers and foreign consultants.

Some of the foreigners and immigration law services provided by CKAY Law Firm are as follows;

  • Transactions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate acquisition or investment,
  • Residence permit and work permit transactions of international managers of companies. (You can also review our article titled Company Establishment in Turkeyon this subject.)
  • Turkish citizenship application and follow-up of the post-application process,
  • Case management in case of rejection of citizenship and residence applications,
  • Legal consultancy for foreigners in opening a business and establishing a business,
  • Citizenship cases within the scope of foreigners law,
  • Legal services regarding the implementation of Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458 and related legislation.

Our lawyers and legal advisors in the team of CKAY Law Firm have the necessary experience, knowledge and expertise in foreigners law and immigration law.

Contact our experienced lawyers to get information and consultancy services on foreigners law or immigration law!


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