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Corporate Law

Company law relates to commercial law. It includes norms on different subjects, from the establishment of corporations and company mergers, divisions to transfers, conversions to liquidations. Corporate law, which is a branch of law that examines and regulates the legal relations of companies, also includes issues such as company attorneyship and the obligation to have a lawyer in companies. What are the corporate law services provided within CKAY Law Firm?

Corporate law: It is a wide field that covers subjects such as company establishment, company capital structures, management and representation powers, partnership in companies, company bodies, company boards, authorities, and duties of boards. Regarding to this field of law, there are many issues ranging from decision making bodies of companies to company demerge, from company mergers to company type changes.

How are companies terminated? How are companies liquidated? How is profit distribution made in companies? What are the audit procedures in companies? How to set up a company? How to create partnerships in companies? How are company receivables collected? What is a foreign company establishment? The answers to these and many similar questions are given in the Turkish Commercial Code. It is important to get Corporate attorneyship or professional legal services in corporate law.

What Is Company Lawyer?

The company lawyer, who can also be defined as the legal advisor of a company, deals with all legal and legal processes related to the business and operation of the company. So, what does a corporate lawyer do? Some of the duties and responsibilities of company lawyers, who are responsible for the compliance of the company’s transactions with the law and the law, are as follows.

  • Following the legal affairs of the companies and taking action, when necessary,
    • Consultancy on legal issues,
    • Preparation and follow-up of company contracts,
    • Follow-up and execution of the company’s enforcement proceedings,
    • To observe and protect the legal rights of company executives,
    • Company’s capital transactions,
    • Follow-up of the cases in which the company is involved and their conclusion in favor of the company,
    • Follow-up of the legal processes regarding the company’s tax transactions.

OblIgatIon to Have a Lawyer In CompanIes

Joint stock companies with a capital of 250.000,00 TL or more than this amount are required to have a lawyer. There is a sanction for not complying with the obligation to have a lawyer in joint stock companies. Joint stock companies that do not have a lawyer are subject to an administrative fine equal to two gross minimum wages per month. On the other hand, there is no obligation to have a lawyer in ordinary companies and limited liability companies.

CKAY Law FIrm Corporate Law ServIces

CKAY Law Firm provides services with a team of experts in corporate law. It carries out activities in different areas of company law such as domestic company establishment, foreign company establishment, company liquidation and termination, company merger processes, company acqusation transactions, company type change procedures. In this framework, procedures regarding company law are carried out by experienced legal consultants who are well-versed in company laws and company legislation.

The main services of CKAY Law Firm experts in the field of corporate law are:

  • Establishment of domestic and foreign companies. (You can review our article titled “Company Establishment in Turkey” on this subject!)
    • Company merger and acquisition procedures,
    • Preparing the legal Due Diligence Report for the target company,
    • Organization of general assembly invitations of companies,
    • Representing the clients in the general assemblies with or without dispute,
    • Capital increase or decrease transactions of companies,
    • Follow-up and management of procedures related to company lawsuits,
    • Operation of the necessary procedures for the conclusion of the lawsuits in favor of the company,
    • Managing the main contract amendment process,
    • Attending the general assembly,
    • Taking decisions in accordance with the meeting and decision quorum,
    • Registration and announcement of general assembly resolutions,B
    • ranch opening and closing procedures,
    • Legal advisory services for the board of directors.

You can get reliable service from CKAY Law Firm lawyers for all kinds of transactions and procedures in the field of company law, from company establishment to company lawsuits!

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