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Consultancy ServIces

Corporate consultancy and corporate legal consultancy an important legal role for the sustainability and efficiency of companies. Corporate legal consultancy services received within the scope of company law enable companies to establish a solid legal infrastructure. It is important to receive corporate consultancy services from the establishment of the company. In this process, law firms such as corporate lawyer or CKAY Law Firm, which has experienced staff in the field of corporate law, provide service.

What Is Corporate Legal Consultancy?

Corporate legal consultancy services provide consultancy services to institutions or companies, especially in the field of corporate law. While preventing the emergence of possible legal problems, it also prevents any legal problems from occurring in legal problems. Corporate legal consultancy services, which include legal support on many issues from the establishment of the company to the correct legal writing of the company contracts, from the financial structure to the company takeovers, is a consultancy activity that every company needs. Legal consultancy services should be obtained from company lawyers who have experience in the field of company and contracts law and who are expert with the Turkish Commercial Code legislation.

What are Corporate Legal Consultancy ServIces?

Corporate legal consultancy can provide support on many issues. Some of the legal consultancy services provided by the company lawyer within the framework of company law are as follows;

  • Company mergers,
  • Company takeovers,
  • Preparation of commercial contracts,
  • Examining and arranging company contracts,
  • Establishment agreements,
  • Partnership agreements,
  • Contracts for the purchase and sale of goods,
  • Franchising agreements,
  • Agency contracts,
  • License agreements,
  • Consulting and service contracts,
  • Limited company establishment,
  • Joint stock company establishment.
  • Liaison office establishment,
  • Free zone company establishment,
  • Non-commercial association establishment,
  • Foundation organization,
  • Legal processes in accordance with laws and regulations,
  • Oral and written legal advice
  • Legal risk analysis and preventive legal measures

Legal Consultancy to Companıes

Legal entities may encounter legal problems for various reasons in the course of their daily work flow and corporate relations. Timely intervention or prevention of legal problems before they occur prevents the company from commercial damage. Taking the right legal steps in matters of corporate law, preparing the right petitions or contracts, and providing the right solutions can remove the current legal problem or prevent possible legal problems. Otherwise, existing legal problems may get bigger or potential legal problems may evolve into commercial problems that will leave the institution in a difficult situation.

The Importance of Gettıng Legal Counselıng

Legal consultancy services, which serve real or legal persons in the field of law, are the guides of companies on commercial law and labor law. Law firms such as CKAY Law Firm, which provides services with company lawyers who are experts in the field of corporate law, ensure that institutions or companies take the right step in legal matters. The company lawyer, who serves as a legal consultant, prevents institutions and companies from wasting time and incurring financial losses.

CKAY Law Fırm Corporate Legal Consultancy Servıces

CKAY Law Firm provides legal consultancy services to domestic and foreign companies and clients operating in different sectors in the processes related to corporate law. In this context; it provides professional consultancy in areas such as the preparation of company articles of association, company establishment, company dissolution and company liquidation.

Some of the services provided by CKAY Law Firm teams in the field of corporate law can be listed as follows;

  • Holding company general assembly meetings
  • Preparation of board resolutions
  • Capital increase and capital decrease
  • Rights and obligations of management and equity shareholders
  • Representation duties and responsibilities of the members of the board of directors
  • Legal consultancy within the scope of consumer legislation
  • Legal due diligence reporting

Moreover; you can rely on the professional team of CKAY Law Firm for important structural changes such as company capital increases, company share transfers, mergers, company acquisitions, company type changes, company public offering and company restructuring processes.


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