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Foreign nationals apply for a residence permit in Turkey. Turkey is among the most preferred countries to live and work. For this reason, every year, foreigners are looking for an answer to the question of how to get a residence permit in order to work and live here. Residence permit in Turkey for foreigners means the authorization certificate issued to reside in Turkey according to the International Protection Law. Persons with foreign nationality must have this document in order to reside here.

The residence permit allows foreign nationals by the competent authorities to live for a certain period of time and in a certain location. The residence permit, which is deemed necessary for the provision and protection of the order of the public and organizations in which the society is located, is a process that starts with the application of foreign nationals. Individuals submit the necessary documents and can obtain a residence permit if they are found eligible. The categories in the residence permit class are defined in Article 30 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458. It is regulated according to the article.

 People who have a residence permit in Turkey may also want to become citizens in the future. Turkish Citizenship can also be granted to those who fulfill the conditions. In order to become a citizen, some requirements such as nationality, place of birth and culture are sought and people are asked to provide the necessary documents and application.

There are different types of residence permits in Turkey. These can be briefly stated as follows;

  • Short-term residence permit in Turkey
  • Residence permit with family in Turkey
  • Residence permit obtained as a student in Turkey
  • Long-term residence permit in Turkey
  • Personal residence permit in Turkey
  • Residence Permit for refugees in Turkey.

It can be listed as follows. The conditions and categories of short- and long-term residence permits issued for families and individuals have certain criteria. These differ according to the work to be done in Turkey and the characteristics it has.

Short-Term ResIdence PermIt In Turkey

The first of the residence permits granted for foreign nationals is short-term permits.  In order to obtain a short-term residence permit in Turkey, foreigners must fulfill the following criteria completely;

  • To declare the valid information and documents for staying in Turkey in a complete manner,
  • Not to be in the category of foreigners who are prohibited from entering Turkey in accordance with Article 7 of the Law,
  • To have housing conditions suitable for humanitarian, health and safety conditions,
  • If requested, to declare the document showing the criminal record records of the competent authorities in the country of which they are citizens or where they live,
  • Specifying the details of the address where they plan to stay in Turkey

It is expected that the conditions will be fulfilled. There are different categories for those who want to use the right to residence permit in Turkey for a short term. If we examine them;

  1.  Foreigners with Immovable Property in Turkey

One of the ways to have the criteria to apply for a short-term residence permit in Turkey is to have immovable property. Foreigners who own immovable property must state that they will stay here if they request a residence permit. If these family members have the right to the immovable property in Turkey, in this context, the family members of the foreigner will also be able to apply for a short-term residence permit.

  • Foreigners To Reside In Turkey For Tourism  Purposes

It is known that foreigners who plan to come to Turkey for touristic visits can apply for a short-term residence permit. They can apply within the address of the place to stay here and how long they will stay.

  • Foreigners Who Will Establish Commercial Connections and Do Business in Turkey

Foreigners who aim to do business and be here for commercial purposes are requested to prove this situation or apply with an invitation letter when they want a residence permit in Turkey for more than three months.

  •  Foreigners Coming to Turkey for Scientific Research Service

Foreigners who come to Turkey to work and conduct research in academic fields need to apply for a student residence permit in Turkey or a work permit in Turkey from the university where they are studying.

  • Foreigners who are friends of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Foreigners from Northern Cyprus can obtain a residence permit here for up to five years.

  • Foreigners Who Will Invest in Turkey and Have Foreign Spouses and Foreign Children Younger Than 18 or in Need of Care

Foreigners who apply for this purpose can obtain a residence permit in Turkey for up to five years. In order to encourage foreigners to contribute to the country’s economy, new laws have been enacted to facilitate residence permits in general.

  • Foreigners Coming to Turkey for Educational Purposes

Foreigners who come for this purpose are not granted a residence permit for more than one year. Incoming persons are required to prove the adequacy of their financial situation.

In general, the people who can apply can be listed in this way. It is also possible to obtain a short-term residence permit for families. Family residence permits can be granted to Turkish citizens and foreign spouses and children of foreigners. These permits are limited to three years for family members. Family members are allowed to ensure that the integrity of the family members is not disturbed. Generally, the type of residence they can get is short-term.

Long Term ResIdence PermIt In Turkey

A residence permit issued indefinitely in Turkey is called a long-term residence permit. There are conditions to have this permission. If we look at these briefly;

  • To have lived in Turkey for eight years without interruption with the residence permit he has. (Half of the student period is added when calculating)
  • Not having received any assistance within three years of his or her residency.
  • To have a level of income that can provide for themselves and their families
  • Having health insurance and having the validity of this insurance
  • Not having a criminal record that would disturb the order and peace of public understanding.

People who generally meet these conditions are given the opportunity to have a long-term residence permit. Persons who have obtained a residence permit in Turkey have the opportunity to live here indefinitely.

Certain privileges and rights defined for persons who have the right to long-term residence in Turkey are recognized. These are as follows;

  • Foreign nationals are exempted from compulsory military service in our country.
  • There are no taxes, no public services, no right to vote and no right to be elected.
  • Although social security rights are reserved, they are used according to the laws.
  • They have equal rights to live similarly to Turkish citizens, to travel to different locations here, to invest and work.
  • Here they can apply to work indefinitely.

One of the ways to benefit from all these rights is to have a long-term residence permit.

Foreigners who have obtained a residence permit in Turkey can reside either for a short or long term. Our country opens its doors to hundreds of foreigners every year. Hundreds of foreign nationals from education, investment, work and spouse apply for a residence permit. Foreign nationals who obtain a residence permit according to the conditions they provide may continue their lives within the framework of the rights granted to them within the framework of the laws. Among the important parts, it is an important issue to ensure that the necessary conditions for obtaining the residence permit are correctly declared.

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