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CItIzenshIp In Turkey

Citizenship in Turkey, as in other countries, is a status gained in Turkey through birth or later application for Turkish citizenship. Foreign nationals can acquire the right to “Turkish citizenship” if they fulfill the citizenship requirements in Turkey. There are some application requirements for Turkish citizenship. So, how to get citizenship in Turkey? What is the citizenship price in Turkey? What are the Turkish citizenship requirements?

What Is CItIzenshIp?

Citizenship is the right to have a country’s passport. It is a status that represents involvement in political institutions in a country. In countries governed by constitutions, it is necessary to be bound by citizenship in order to benefit from the rights promised in the constitution. People who have this bond are called “citizens”. This also means the “right to political participation” in that country. Constitutions also include issues related to the right to citizenship. Accordingly, some requirements such as nationality, place of birth and culture are sought for citizenship.

CItIzenshIp RIght In Turkey

Citizenship in Turkey is a right that can be obtained within the framework of the law. Citizenship requirements in each country are determined by law. Citizenship laws contain principles regarding which people can be citizens from which countries. Accordingly, a person who has acquired the right to citizenship cannot be arbitrarily removed from citizenship. Likewise, a person cannot be compelled to become a citizen of a country. In other words, individuals have the right to renounce their citizenship.

How to Apply for CItIzenshIp In Turkey?

Some documents need to be prepared for citizenship application in Turkey. After the Turkish citizenship fee is deposited in the relevant bank, the application for Turkish citizenship can be made to the provincial governorship of the place of residence. Foreigners who will apply abroad to apply for Turkish citizenship can apply in person at the embassy, consulate general or consulates of the Republic of Turkey.

So, how to apply for Turkish citizenship? Foreign nationals can apply for citizenship in Turkey if they fulfill the necessary conditions. For Turkish citizenship, it is necessary to reach the age of 18 and have the power to distinguish. Citizenship applications of persons under the age of 18 can be made by their parents. Lawyers authorized by power of attorney can carry out citizenship procedures in Turkey on behalf of any person, regardless of age.

GIvIng Power of Attorney for CItIzenshIp ApplIcatIon In Turkey

The application for Turkish citizenship can also be made through a lawyer who will be given a power of attorney. Applying for Turkish citizenship with a lawyer is advantageous for reasons such as the preparation of documents and the smooth fulfillment of official procedures. In addition, the lawyer can ensure that the citizenship application process is completed in a shorter time and can follow the process on behalf of the person.

What are the Documents RequIred for CItIzenshIp In Turkey?

Foreign nationals who have been living in Turkey for a while or who have decided to settle in Turkey are looking for the answer to the question of how to get citizenship in Turkey. There are documents required for Turkish citizenship. Citizenship documents in Turkey are as follows;

  • Two biometric photos,
  • Approved document to prove the identity in a foreign state (Turkish translation),
  • Certified document confirming that the mother or father is a citizen of that state (Turkish translation),
  • Signed statements of the relevant authorities, indicating the degree of closeness from the applicant’s mother, father or siblings.,
  • Notarized birth certificate and birth certificate (Turkish translation)

How Much Is the CItIzenshIp Fee In Turkey?

Foreign nationals who want to become Turkish citizens can obtain citizenship in Turkey with some investments. The summary of the articles in the relevant law for the citizenship price in Turkey is as follows;

  • Receives immovable property worth at least 400 thousand dollars or equivalent in foreign currency, provided that it does not sell for three years,
  • Creating employment for at least 50 people,
  • Depositing a minimum of 500 thousand dollars or equivalent foreign currency deposits in banks operating in Turkey, provided that they are kept for three years,
  • Purchases government debt instruments of at least 500 thousand dollars or equivalent in foreign currency, provided that they are kept for three years,
  • Who purchases real estate investment fund participation shares or venture capital investment fund participation shares in the amount of at least 500 thousand dollars or equivalent in foreign currency, on the condition that they hold at least three years,
  • Foreigners who enter the private pension system with at least 500 thousand dollars and stay in the private pension system for 3 years can obtain Turkish citizenship.

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